Valid from 11. 5. 2022

Jízdenka Interrail

What is an Interrail ticket?

Want to get to know all of Europe? It’s easy by train! The European railway network with its more than 40,000 railway stations is definitely worth exploring, and with Interrail tickets you can travel across Europe almost without limitation.

Where and how to purchase a Interrail ticket?

  • at a ticket counter

Interrail ticket offers:

  • travel in a selected country without limitation with respect to the number of kilometres travelled
  • free transport for accompanied children and discounts for seniors and youth
  • “global” variant available – valid throughout Europe
  • variants for specific countries

The Interrail offer consists of two products: the Interrail Global Pass offer, with which you can travel through all the countries participating in the offer, and the Interrail One Country Pass offer.

Other advantages for holders of the Interrail tickets

  • free admission to ČD Lounge waiting areas with an Interrail ticket for 1st class
  • discounts on the ČD Taxi product. Reduced prices for holders of Interrail tickets with specified taxi companies in Prague, Brno and Ostrava when connecting from train arrivals to these destinations; the amount of the discount provided depends on the individual offers of taxi companies
  • discounted rates for bicycle rentals at ČD stations with the ČD Bike designation
  • you will find additional benefits on t