Valid from 25 May 2018

A ČD Credit account allows the account holder to make a deposit (pre-payment) on future purchases of inland and international travel documents, vouchers, parking fees, insurance in international transport, recharges of an electronic wallet on an In Karta card (EPIK), recharges of a ČD Credit account belonging to a different person, or other services and products offered in the ČD e-shop, in the ČD e-shop for mobile telephones, and in the Můj vlak (“My Train”) application.

It is not possible to use a ČD Credit account to pay for a purchase at ticket counters, vending machines in stations or aboard vehicles, or from conductors on the train.

In view of the fact that the deposited pre-payment can be used to purchase services with various rates of VAT, no tax receipt is issued when recharging (crediting) a ČD Credit account; rather, tax receipts are issued when travel documents are purchased.

General terms and conditions for opening and using a ČD Credit account

Rights and obligations of ČD and the ČD Credit account holder

Using your ČD Credit account

Recharging (crediting) your ČD Credit account

In the ČD e-shop, in the mobile ČD e-shop, or in the Můj vlak (“My Train”) application

At a ČD ticket counter

ČD Claims Processing Facility (OPT)

Payments from a ČD Credit account

Blocking and unblocking a ČD Credit account, forgotten PIN

Blocking a ČD Credit account by entering an incorrect PIN

Unblocking a ČD Credit account

In the ČD e-shop:

At a ticket counter:

Exercising one’s right under the transport contract